Worried about losing weight for your summer holiday?

Koh Ngai [Explored]Worried about losing weight for your summer holiday?

You wouldn’t believe it to look at the weather in the UK, but the Summer months are only six weeks away! Now is a great time to start thinking about how you’re going to look on the beach this Summer, and don’t worry, there’s still just enough time for you to do something about that spare tyre around your midriff or your flabby love handles.

I remember reading an article on the Internet a while back – when I was several stone heavier than I am today, where a “famous” trainer was asked what he would do if he woke up fat. “Double cardio” he said. “I would do two cardio sessions a day until I was slim again”. Well, I took that advice to heart and the next week I went out for a run or did a treadmill session twelve times. And I did the same thing the following week, and the week after that.

After three weeks of intense cardio work, you would expect that I had lost much of that excess weight.

I hadn’t lost an ounce!

Plus, I was absolutely, chronically, exhausted. And I’d spent literally hours doing this lousy exercise when I could have been relaxing with my family.

So I gave that up as a bad idea.

So what changed? Did I manage to get rid of the extra three stone of lard that had adorned my waist for so many years? And could you do the same?

Absolutely. And, in a nutshell, this is all you need to do:

Stop eating foods that cause your body to store excess calories as fat.
Stop engaging in chronic cardio activities such as jogging.

Start eating foods that your body is designed to run on and did for 99.9% of human existence.
Start doing one moderately intense sprints type session a week.
Start doing some simple strength exercises.
Walk. Play.

I discovered this way of eating and training a couple of years back, and to say it has been transformational would be an understatement. It has been the most incredible journey and even today I surprise myself (in a good way!) when I catch my reflection in the mirror.

Much has been written on the Internet about what is known as the “Paleo”, “Primal” or “Ancestral” lifestyle but I wanted to provide a roadmap for someone, starting just as I did a couple of years ago, explaining exactly what to do day by day, and how to build up your strength (and knowledge) as you go. I also wanted for people following this roadmap to have unlimited support and mentoring through their early days on the programme.

That’s why I wrote “The Primal Solution” – a mentored programme for anyone who wants to learn how by eating right, and doing one workout a week, they can lose fat quickly and effortlessly, without ever going hungry or being a slave to the treadmill.

If you take a moment to subscribe to my weekly newsletter, I’ll send you a chapter of “The Primal Solution” with my compliments. If you can’t wait to get cracking, you can order your copy from the link below – and start the mentoring programme – today.

And the sooner you start, the better you’re going to look this Summer!

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