Vegetarianism: Is it actually good for you?

CarrotsI spent eighteen months as a vegetarian a few years ago as I had read “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell, and I found it to be a compelling case for avoiding meat. I’m not one to do things by halves and so I dived right in and became a full-on vegetarian over night. The only reason I didn’t go vegan was that if you want to do that, you need to put a lot of effort into your meal planning to ensure that you’re getting all the correct vitamins and protein.

I was still into my chronic cardio at this time, and I noticed that I began to feel increasingly drained after my runs. I also just generally had less energy than I would like. Towards the end of my vegetarian experiment I began to fantasise about eating a steak!

In the end my body’s cries for meat were more than I could bear, and so I returned to the omnivore lifestyle with a pan-fried fillet steak covered in bearnaise sauce, and it was one of the great food experiences of my entire life.

I found an interesting post by Kristen, who has just taken her family off a vegan diet. She says:

“So, why the change? It all started with our toddler, Kamea. I began having doubts about our vegan diet when she became strangely sick in the early fall. Wait. Back up… actually, when I think about it. I’d been dreaming of eggs for about three years. I ignored them though. Then, Kamea had a strange illness of sporadic vomiting, having trouble walking for a couple of days, and overall I was feeling instinctively like perhaps being vegan was not right for her. She consumed plenty of breastmilk over the years, thankfully, but her solids were nothing that made me feel like she was getting all she needed. Too often I was stressed about her diet. (I later became convinced that my maternal instincts had been correct.) That began the research. That, and I kept hearing and thinking about the word “balance.” That word kept popping up in my mind and what always followed it was the thought that my vegan diet was anything but balanced, because simply… a vegan diet is not balanced. It’s on the far end of the dietary spectrum.”





photo by: Ed Yourdon

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