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Minolta x-370I had a great email today from a Primal Solution reader. Ralph writes:

“I’m reading the Primal Solution with interest and just have a quick query.

I have for a long time now been having a breakfast based on cooked oats,
to which I add linseeds, brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds.

How does oats fit in with your wheat and grain exclusion? I feel I’d take
a real hit if I had to give this all up!”

That’s a great question, and I used to have something very similar as my own breakfast a few years ago. We’re told that oats release their energy slowly, and keep us going for longer, aren’t we. My belief is that a breakfast like Ralph’s is greatly preferable to one consisting of modern processed cereals – e.g. cornflakes or crispies.

The reason why I no longer eat this kind of breakfast though, is because all the medical literature that I have read – and referenced in The Primal Solution – indicates that even though it’s a subtly different form of carbohydrate, it will still elevate your blood sugar, and your insulin level, and this will make your body store excess calories as fat.

Now if Ralph were to avoid sugar and wheat entirely, but still have his porridge for breakfast – and do some strength workout such as in The Primal Solution, I’m confident that he would see rapid changes in his physical composition.

But just for a little while – to see how you like it – give something a little more primal a try; here are a few of my favourite breakfast choices (all of which I have had in the past month!)

Eggs: poached, fried, boiled or scrambled
Kippers – the sort that come in a sealed plastic pouch (microwave them for 2 mins!)
Omelettes – great for clearing up odds and ends from the fridge
“Bulletproof” coffee
Steak (and why not?)
Last nights leftovers.

By the way, last nights leftovers is a superb breakfast that requires minimal preparation – just do an extra portion when you’re doing the evening meal, pop it in the fridge, and you have it to look forward to when you get up!

What you’ll find is that you’ll feel satisfied for even longer than you do with the oats for breakfast. If the oats keep you satisfied for twice as long as cornflakes, then a breakfast like the ones listed above will keep you going for three or four times as long. In the post I wrote yesterday I talked about the joys of bulletproof coffee – the lasting energy this gives you has to be felt to be believed.

Finally – I like linseeds, brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds – I like them a lot. I use all of them regularly as ingredients, so Ralph needn’t say goodbye to them. If you want to get the benefit of these nuts and seeds, try making some pesto¬†with Brazil nuts, or cooking a salmon steak with some pumpkin seeds on top. Delicious!

I hope that this has given you some food for thought, or even thought for food. I hope that if you’re a Primal Solution reader that you know you can email me any questions, whenever you want. Bon appetit!







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