Study: Walking Can Be as Good as Running

Image by Elvert Barnes via Flickr

Image by Elvert Barnes via Flickr

I used to spend quite a few hours a week out jogging. I was never particularly fast – my typical pace was about nine-minute miles, going up to 10-11 minute miles if I ran over fifteen miles. There’s much that I enjoyed about it, but in retrospect, none of the things that I enjoyed about it were actually because of the activity itself. For example, I enjoyed the social aspect of it, running with one or more friends is a great way to enjoy the company of another person. I also found it invigorating and calming being out in the open air.

What I didn’t like about it was the feeling that I had to do it in order to keep control over my weight, and general health. When I discovered the Paleo/Primal lifestyle, the “chronic cardio” dropped away and I haven’t been out for a run (of more than a few K) for a couple of years now.

What I do though, is quite a bit of walking – a few miles three or four times a week. I feel that I get all the same benefits from this as I used to get from running, but with much less physical stress (and sweat!). Plus the dog loves it too.

A new study has borne out my experience – walking can be just as beneficial for you as running. Take a look!

“PROBLEM: According to CDC classification, running is a “vigorous” exercise, so-called because runners usually end up sweaty and short of breath. They burn about eight times more energy than they would sitting on the couch. Meanwhile walking is “moderate” exercise that involves 3.8 times more energy than sitting.

When the 33,000 participants in the National Runners’ Health Study were compared to the 15,000 participants in the National Walkers’ Health Study, the runners appeared to have much better heart health than the walkers. Their risk of hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes was reduced by 38, 36, and 71 percent, respectively, regardless of how much running they reported doing. So running is not only sweatier, it’s also healthier, right?”

via Study: Walking Can Be as Good as Running – Lindsay Abrams – The Atlantic.

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