Eating out – primal style

PorkI’m working away from home at the moment, and if you’re new to the primal way of doing things, you might think that this could be a reason to discard the better intentions and just eat whatever came along. Not a bit of it!

The fact is, eating good, nutritious, primal food is really simple once you learn how to screen out the unwanted stuff on restaurant menus. Put me in pretty much any restaurant (OK Pizzaland might be a challenge), and I’ll find something that I can eat that will fit in with our way of eating.

Indian restaurants are the easiest, as they have plenty of grilled (i.e. tandoori) meats. Other nationalities love the barbecue too, I looked at the menu of a Korean restaurant a little earlier, and it came close…

In the end I went for an American BBQ place, specialising in slow smoked meats. I had their pulled pork (this is a slow cooked pork shoulder which is then shredded by fork) and it was amazing. That’s the meal in the photograph above. The only “gotcha” with pulled pork is that some recipes sprinkle brown sugar or molasses (WHY?) over the shredded meat which is just unnecessary, as far as I’m concerned.

If you want to get your slim body back again, all you have to do – and it really is ALL you have to do – is to cut out all the wheaty sugary rubbish that is marketed at you. And work out… just a little. That junk food is just there to make people money – it’s not there to help you. It’s bad for you… you’re being poisoned in order to make big companies richer. Get mad with it!

That’s why I wrote The Primal Solution – so I could share just how simple it is to get into great shape when you know what to avoid.

Take care folks. PS readers, keep emailing – it’s always great to hear your success stories!



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