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Don't do this.

Promise me you won’t do this one thing…

Promise me you won’t do this… when you get started on The Primal Solution, one thing you’re going to find pretty quickly is just how the weight falls off you. A stone (14 pounds) in the first month is quite normal. It’s perfectly healthy too; it’s just your body’s reaction to not having all that […]

What DoYou Call This Shape?

Overweight is the new normal…

This is all over the news today – overweight is the new norm. I don’t think that we needed anyone to tell us that – you have only to look around and see what most people look like these days. Indeed, you might be looking at an overweight person when you look in the mirror. […]

Mr Potatohead enjoys a pint of cider

Did cavemen smoke and is Blendtec v Vitamix all there is?

Hello – it has been a little while since I last posted. Such is life as a twenty-first century debt slave. But I have been very busy… I Stopped smoking! My day job took me away from home for seven months last year. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but I “accidentally” started smoking […]


Enjoy a Primal takeaway this Valentine’s day!

Thought I’d write today  about one of my very favourite subjects – eating out! These days, we’re spoiled for choice when we go out for a meal… Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai, French, even a medium sized town offers all these and more. So what’s best for us Paleo type eaters? Well, probably the worst is […]