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London 2 Brighton 100K Challenge Finish Times Spreadsheet

I did this back in May and it was absolutely amazing. It’s incredibly well organised with markers every few hundred metres and every kilometre marked as well. I ran the first 20K and then slowed to a walk for the rest. By my own admission I was massively underprepared for the event, and by the […]


Weight loss lifestyle!

I’m having an awesome week of Primalness… I had a reasonably clean Sunday, with the exception of a few organic ciders, and since then it’s been 100% primal food, a couple of sixteen hour fasts, a few hours of 75% HRMax training, and yesterday I took to the gym to do a weights session. For […]


The Magic of 75%

I’ve had something of an epiphany… I quit long distance running a few years ago because I found that it wasn’t doing anything for me, apart from making me tired and sore. It certainly wasn’t making me any slimmer. As I point out in The Primal Solution, the average runner gets fatter every year! So […]

Don't do this.

Promise me you won’t do this one thing…

Promise me you won’t do this… when you get started on The Primal Solution, one thing you’re going to find pretty quickly is just how the weight falls off you. A stone (14 pounds) in the first month is quite normal. It’s perfectly healthy too; it’s just your body’s reaction to not having all that […]